Buyers and Sellers

Why choose Sun Realty when buying or listings an Outer Banks home?

The Sun Realty team is experienced in dealing with both local and out of the area buyers. You can feel confident that your agent is representing you in every step of the buying process from the property selection to placing an offer. Our agents also will not waste your time showing you properties out of your price range or location. We will work diligently to find you the perfect home.

Investment Properties

If you are purchasing a home for an investment property, the professionals at Sun Realty have over 29 years of experience in vacation rentals and property management. Your home will be represented by the largest vacation rental company on the Outer Banks. Several of our agents are also owners in our property management program, and can assist you and guide you through this process.

Residential Home

Whether you are relocating, or just shopping for your dream home, our agents are ready to serve you! We will do a comprehensive evaluation of exactly what kind of home, your price range, and location, to find you the perfect fit. If you are relocating, our agents will provide you with descriptions of various towns and communities, as well as public school information and anything else you might want to consider when relocating.

Negotiations & Offers

Our staff will guide you and represent you through the negotiation process all the way to submitting an offer. Our well-trained agents have the knowledge of current NC Real Estate laws, counter offers, and purchase contracts, and can to help you make the offer-making process as easy as possible.

Why List with Sun Realty?
Serving the Outer Banks exclusively for over 29 years, Sun Realty has more offices than any other real estate company on the Outer Banks.

The Team

Sun Realty’s sales team is a dynamic group of professionals with experience in all areas including; internet, marketing, education, insurance, etc. Our team includes agents who have been with Sun since 1980! A home is one of the most important investments, and should be represented by a team of professionals committed to knowing the Outer Banks, the real estate market, and the interests and goals of its clients.

Listing Price

You can feel confident, knowing you are represented by a stable, knowledgeable staff that stays current with NC Real Estate Laws and changing market trends.

Sun Realty’s agents will create market analysis that will aid you in making an informed decision about your home’s list price. Included in the analysis will be an evaluation of current market & appraisal trends, as well as an evaluation of comparable properties.

Use our home value form to help determine how much your home is worth.